LIR Evolution

LIR Evolution decided to build a small solar plant of 5 kW because solar energy  represent an example of important renewable energy source exploitation and, as such, an investment in PV panels is fully aligned with the TERRE project main objective of motivating local development through RES exploitation. The use of solar systems in the world is growing rapidly, not only in the form of solar power plants engaged in the production of electricity for sale, but is also increasingly  used in homes, shopping malls, parking lots, etc. to support own energy needs. In such a manner, is ensured partial or complete autonomy of energy supply for such facilities.  A large number of contemporary designed modern objects are designed in a way that they can maximally exploit solar energy (directly or indirectly). One of the reasons for increased use of solar panels is  the fact that the cost of their maintenance is very low, especially when compared with the cost of maintenance of other existing energy sources.  As a result there could be an increase in investors’ interest for exploitation of solar energy.

The Photovoltaic (PV) panels  of 5 kW will be realized on the roof of the public building  the "House of Culture" in the Municipality of Gradiska. The House of Culture is an object located in the centre of the Municipality of Gradiska close to the river Sava and a place where various events such as art exhibitions, concerts, fashion shows, fairs and presentations are held.

PV solar plant of 5kW

·         "House of Culture" in the Municipality of Gradiska        

·         Budget: 14.400,00 EUR

Realization of a solar plant, in addition to the positive financial effects, aims to raise technical awareness among stakeholders and visitors of House of Culture about the worldwide trends, application of renewable energy and the design of "on-grid" system. It also has indirect effects of reducing CO2 emissions by decreasing the involvement of thermal power plants. Although this influence is modest, it represents an important contribution to environmental protection.

The installation of PV panels will be conducted through the following phases: 

1. Project design and development of project documentation, 

2. Decision on the positioning and elevation of solar PV panels,

3. Selection of adequate PV panels,

4. Preparation and installation of support structure for the panels,

5. Installation of PV panels,

6. Connection of PV panels with cables,

7. Installation of inventer, protective equipment and port cabinet and their integration into functional unit,

8. Final measuring of the system with  commissioning of the system in operation and testing the parameters of the system,

9. Procurement of the licences; electroenergetic consent and certificates of allowed harmonics  emissions.